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Upcoming Workshops

It’s time for inner Spring Cleaning!

Join in community to cleanse and rejuvenate with support and guidance – learn a restorative, nurturing, and nourishing way to cleanse this season!!

Led by Rosemary Didi Jordan (Rasmali)

Sunday, April 7, 2019
4:15 – 5:45

Spring is naturally a time for renewal and Spring Cleaning!  Just as we can’t wait to clear the closets of heavy winter sweaters and jackets, so is true for the body!  Internally we need to release the old heavy energy and accumulations of winter, environmental and mental/ emotional toxins The Lymph, Blood, Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder are targeted areas that become congested by the end of winter.  Consciously Cleansing these organs and channels brings great relief to your entire system.

Rejuvenation is a nurturing way to comfortably detoxify and restore the body/mind/emotions & spirit. Cleansing according to the ancient science of healing, Ayurveda, involves rest and rejuvenative activities during the cleansing process.

In our workshop we will demonstrate just some of the Ayurvedic principles that help you detoxify and reinvigorate yourselves in this awakening time of year. We will share:

  • Hands-on experiential ayurvedic self-care techniques
  • Basic things to do for a simple at home cleanse to manage energies
  • Cleansing the senses (at times with the help of essential oils)
  • Detoxifiying yoga/breath practices

Rosemary Didi Jordan (Rasmali) is a Master Teacher at the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda and has been exuding the spirit of sadhana for the last 25 years based on the instruction of Maya Tiwari.

Rasmali has a diverse background that includes: Ayurveda, yoga, bodywork, somatic movement and dance, transformational healing, trauma and imprint resolution, stress management, dream-body work, ergonomics, fitness and life coaching. She received her certification in both yoga and bodywork from Kripalu. Her consultancy and workshops focus on transformational awakening and bringing balance to others.