Berkshire Kripalu Community: Promoting wellness through yoga and fellowship

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Memberships and coupons not available at this time

Membership Information

BKC is a membership yoga community.

Membership donations allow BKC to offer 9 classes a week at the affordable price of $10 (less with yoga coupons) per class. Memberships also allow us to connect as a group and to support one another through planned activities and events.

We offer 6-month and 1-year memberships. BKC uses PayPal to provide members with the convenience of paying with a credit card for a small service charge ($2). To become a BKC member or to renew your membership, you can also send a check for the base amount to PO Box 438, Lenox MA 01240. Be sure to include your email and street address on all communications.

We also offer Business Wellness Memberships which are available to local area businesses to allow them to provide BKC access for its employees.  For more information, please send your contact info and questions to

Membership Fees are tax deductible and nonrefundable.

BKC does offer a one-time free membership to those who are undergoing financial hardship. Please contact Naomi Alson at 413-243-0654 or for information. Download form here:

BKC-Membership-Scholarship Application

Please note: The charge on your credit card statement will read Shadowbrook Local Family Community, the legal entity for BKC.

JOIN BKC (or renew)


1-year Membership fees:
Single: $100 yr
Family: $150 yr

6-month Membership
Per person: $60

Single: $75 yr

Business Wellness membership
per business $275 (includes 10 class coupons)

Membership fees are tax deductible and nonrefundable

PayPal charge $2


In “instruction” section, include “gift” and put in the receiver’s name, address and email. An email will be sent welcoming recipient, providing information on BKC and including the giver’s name The email will be sent either immediately or on the date indicated.

Coupons not available at this time

As a BKC member, you can purchase 5 coupons for $41 The coupons are available below via credit card ($1 PayPal charge extra) or by mail via check to BKC, PO Box 438, Lenox, MA 01240.

Please allow 10 days for receipt of class coupons. Coupons never expire as long as the membership is current and are nonrefundable!

Class Coupons