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Abhi Scott Smith moved to Kripalu in 1987. A student of yoga for forty years, he has studied with many teachers of many styles. He went to California in spring of ’94 to study intensively with Kali Ray, founder of Tri Yoga. Returning to Kripalu, he introduced a vinyasa form of yoga to staff/residents and guests. Recently he has been teaching a more meditative, less strenuous class. Kali Ray and early Kripalu were meditative movement. He has combined the two for “Breath led movement.” His practice enlivens and nurtures body, mind and spirit. Kripalu yoga trained.

Karen Arp-Sandel-1

Karen Arp-Sandel

The focus of Karen’s moderate level class is building strength and flexibility with flowing posture sequences. Each class encourages mindfulness through a balanced asana practice including warm-ups, attention to alignment and meditation. As Faculty for the Kripalu School of Yoga, Karen is both teacher and mentor for teachers in training. She brings this same dedication and appreciation of community to teaching BKC Yoga since 2000. She holds multiple certifications: KYT, KYIS and YogaEd. Karen deepens her own practice as an international trip leader and Yoga guide in Rishikesh India, the birthplace of Yoga.


Regina Burgio

Regina is passionate about yoga, healthy eating and enjoying life to its fullest. A lifelong student of holistic living, she embraces yoga as a way to slow down and bring mindfulness and balance to the challenges of every day life. Classes incorporate meditation and pranayama into Vinyasa and Kripalu-inspired sequencing, helping students to safely build strength and flexibility. She believes that yoga is for everyone and helps students to explore postures in a way that speaks to their own inner wisdom, offering modifications and alignment options for different levels. Regina is certified through West Hartford Yoga and is currently enrolled in the Kripalu 500-hr teacher training.


Evelyn Gonzalez

Evelyn teaches with an emphasis on mindfulness. Mindfulness is practiced through conscious breathing (slower and deeper), proper alignment (engaging the mind in details), and listening within the body for feedback. Intensity level is moderate with an open invitation to students to either “turn it up or down” depending on current energy levels and injuries. Kripalu yoga teacher for 15+ years. Kripalu yoga trained.


Sherrie Howard

Sherrie’s moderate level class focuses on diving inward with an emphasis on self-love, compassion, and honoring your body. This heartfelt practice will guide you through awareness, breath, stretches, postures, meditation and relaxation to help you connect with your mind, body and spirit. There is an invitation to let go of the stresses of life and be in a place of self-awareness, self-care, and self-love. Sherrie has a classically trained singing voice that she often shares in her classes. She is a 500-hour Kripalu certified instructor and teaches regularly at Kripalu, Cranwell Resort and Spa, and Canyon Ranch.


Hildy Kronen

My classes start slowly and build into various vinyasa flows (offered with modifications and variations), that build strength, increase flexibility and reduce stress. I emphasize deep breathing technique, outer alignment and inner awareness and compassion for one’s own needs allowing the student to physically relax and mentally re-energize.I am a Kripalu certified yoga instructor, certified instructor of yoga for Osteoporosis, a teacher trained in Ashtanga yoga, a certified Positional Therapist, and have trained for many years in Bioenergetics- a deep breathing technique I incorporate into my yoga classes to increase the release of tension and allow for a deeper relaxation.

Ken Nelson Linked In

Ken Nelson

My aim is to help people feel relaxed, light and free by awakening vital energy, “Qi” or “Prana.” Qigong is a holistic exercise that awakens and nourishes your vital energy—body, mind and spirit—using mindful movement, intentional breathing, guided imagery, and attention training. Qigong is easy to learn and for all fitness levels. Just minutes a day helps you feel flexible, stable, strong, and both energized and relaxed at the same time. I am a long-time Kripalu program director and teacher. I specialize in beginner-friendly practices that are accessible, compassionate, and deeply meditative, including yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and gentle Kripalu yoga.


Carole Weinstein

Based on the Buddha’s Seven Factors of Awakening – mindfulness, investigation, persistence, joyful energy, serenity, concentration and equanimity – the morning classes focus on aligning mind, body and breath and on integrating the physical practice and meditation. We begin with warming stretches and postures, build to moderate and moderate/vigorous movement and then flow into gentle postures and relaxation. Each practice is an opportunity to explore, to be creative and to cultivate compassionate awareness and embodiment. A period of both guided and silent meditation follows each class for those who wish to stay. Carole is a 500 Hour Kripalu teacher and a certified Mindfulness Yoga teacher.


Cherilyn Zaretsky

In 1999, while recovering from a dance injury, I took my first yoga class in New York City, at Dharma Yoga, and never looked back. What I once used solely for physical exercise and rehabilitation, has now completely changed my life. After several years of practice, I completed my 200hr certification with Sri Dharma Mittra and continue my studies as often as possible. Be prepared to move a lot and think outside of the edges of your mat in my class. Yoga is so much more than the physical and it is my hope that each of my students will discover something new about themselves each time they step onto their mat.