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BKC Community Event

Teyuna Gathering

A Rare Opportunity to Be With & Learn From Genuine Indigenous Wisdom Saturday September 8th to Wednesday September 13th

Info at this link:

The Inn at Shaker Mill Falls will host them for a unique gathering  between September 8th and September 12th , with larger Public Events in Great Barrington MA and Kingston NY, before they speak at the United Nations and return to their mountain refuge in Colombia.

Significance of the Teyuna and Importance of Their Visit

The Teyuna are one of the few remaining indigenous peoples who continue to live on the earth in the way they did 1000 years ago. They are one of four remaining family groups of the original Teyuna culture, which once flourished in the Sierra Nevada Mountains along the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

The Spanish weren’t able to destroy all of the Teyuna tribes because of the rugged nature of their habitat in the highest coastal mountain range on the planet and because of the expert nature with which the Teyuna built their high elevation cities in profound harmony with the natural environment.

The Teyuna environment
runs from sea level with a tropical climate to three- and-a-half miles high with an Arctic climate. Virtually every known ecosystem on the planet is part of the Teyuna habitat. This puts them in a unique position to understand the events impacting the earth. This unique position is augmented by the special attributes of their still-vibrant Shamanic tradition.

As with all indigenous cultures, the Teyuna have a tradition of shamanism. Their shamans are called Mamos and have a special relationship to the earth. Shamans are considered to be ones who can see in the dark because they see into the structures that support the material world. The Teyuna Mamas are raised from seven months to nine years old in the dark in order to more finally develop their inner organs of perception. They see the earth as “the Mother,” and as alive and they’re able to intuit into her meaning because of the special nature of their “sight”, a vital earth skill we are profoundly out of touch with.

The Teyuna see those who inhabit the modern world as their “little brothers,” and they have sensed for a long time that our ways are out of harmony with the Mother and her well-being. The well-being of the Mother is essential for our own well-being. They came down from their mountain habitat in the 80’s to invite us to mend our ways and to tell us that those ways were melting the glaciers and causing harm to the earth.

 We can develop a new level of earth wisdom and strengthen our inner organs of perception by spending time in the presence of the Teyuna Mamos.

Join us for this rare opportunity



This year we are planning a special full day retreat celebrating the message of  inclusion, the power of love and the human unity.
  This event will be co sponsored by the World Parliament of Religions held in Toronto in November of 2018. (
  I would like to invite the entire  BKC  members to join us for this and help  support this timely message of inclusion Love and Divine Unity.
This event will be free to the public.  It will be Saturday  October 20 from 10 to 5pm.
Andrew Vidich



Yoga for Healthy Bones

with Regina Burgio

Every Thursday 12pm-1pm
Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness (Above the Beacon Cinema)

Cost: $8 cash only for BKC members


Studies have shown that yoga is one of the safest preventative measures and treatments for osteopenia, osteoporosis and low bone mass, a condition that affects half of everyone over the age of 50.

In this class you will learn ways to strengthen your bones and muscles through poses and exercises that improve posture, balance and core strength, in a safe and supportive environment. Hand weights are available to increase the challenge.

Ideal also for people of any age who are feeling the negative effects of technology on their body and mind.

Classes will also incorporate breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques to reduce tension and anxiety. Leave feeling relaxed, empowered and standing taller!

All levels and ages welcome. Chairs and props are available. As always, please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. • 413-281-3080



Gentle Yoga Class


Fridays 9-10 AM

Michael Pulitzer has very generously offered to open his regular Gentle Yoga class at Lenox Yoga (Curtis Building, 4 Main St. Lenox) to BKC members. The class is held on Fridays from 9-10 AM. Cost will be $8 cash for BKC members; please let Michael know that you are a BKC member at the beginning of class.

Description: Gentle Yoga students are shown how to find their range of effort based on instructing their mind to be gentle with their body. Together we will explore awareness, connecting to the breath, warming up the body, stretching, and gently flowing through postures with energy and ease; finishing up by calming and restoring the body and mind with appreciation, gratitude, strength, and happiness. Join Michael to have fun, build awareness, energy, and feel good for a meditation on the breath and sensation.

Michael Pulitzer is a 500-hour Kripalu professionally trained, certified yoga and meditation instructor with a certificate in Positive Psychology. He began his inquiry and yoga practice over 10 years ago while working in broadcasting.





Celebrate Fall Potluck Dinner October 13

Celebrate Fall 

October BKC Potluck


Potluck party at the Lakehouse

Tim and Niti Martin

Saturday, October 13

arrive at 5, dinner at 530.

Located at 1 Onota Lane (not Onota St), Pittsfield.

Off Pecks Rd, past Valentine Rd, but before Onota Boat Livery.

Tim and BKC signs will direct you to parking at the Lakehouse.


H 413-243-1530

C 413-441-6812

Note:  Please bring a main course or dessert and label all ingredients

Contact Melanie Levitan to host future potlucks


Hike up Monument Mountain

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Join us for a BKC hike on Monument Mountain

Enjoy this beautiful Fall hike with fellow BKC members. If you have never hiked Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, this is the perfect opportunity to venture out with this supportive group. It is a moderate hike with some steep inclines, 3-4 miles and rewarding spectacular views on top. Co-leaders: Lynn Meyers and Peter Sibner.

Please email to register for hike:
Those who register will be emailed if hike is cancelled.


Fall Foliage, Tasty Treats and Cat Chat Hike

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Join us for our next BKC hike



This is a moderate hike. We plan to venture one and a half miles each way through lovely woods with some short steep ups and some flat areas.

We are so thrilled to offer this hike in coordination with the wonderful chocolatier of Chocolate Springs, Joshua Needleman, and with the expertise of one of our newest BKC members, Dr. Sally Umlauf of the Lenox Cat Hospital. Joshua will honor us with a free taste of chocolate at the end of our hike. Sally will answer any of your pet questions along the way (yes, she’s a cat veterinarian but her knowledge of all pets knows no bounds).

Meet at the trailhead in the back of Lenox Commons.

Directions: Head north on Main Street in Lenox until it ends at Rte.20/Rte. 7. Take a left and then at the first light take a left into Lenox Commons. Head to the back of the parking lot, past Rhythms, and behind the large park where you see the sign for Trailhead Parking.

Come hike with fellow BKC members!

Bring water, a snack if you would like, and appropriate footwear for hiking.

Co-Leaders: Robin Yates and Peter Sibner

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rain cancels

Please email to register for hike:

Those who register will be emailed if hike is cancelled

~ Join Us! ~


Celebrate the Harvest Potluck

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Home of Karen and Mehernosh Kahn
1292 Lenox Mountain Rd.
Richmond, MA
Phone: 413-441-2937
Harvest Celebration and All Things Indian

Celebrate the Summer Harvest and Karen Kahn’s garden!
Indian theme as well. Karen Arp-Sandel will give a talk on her fabulous journey to India last Winter. Janis Bowersox accompanied her and will be a guest also. Following dessert there will be dancing, outdoors, weather permitting.

Directions: Take the road in back of Kripalu past the Apple Tree Inn. Pass Olivia’s Overlook at top. Pass Shark Rock. The house is the third driveway on left after rock.

Note: Please bring a main course or dessert and label all ingredients.

To host future potlucks contact Patrice Farrell at


BKC Potluck

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Home of Niti Seip and Tim Martin
171 West Park Street
Lee, MA

Fifteen years ago, Niti volunteered to host the May 2002 BKC Potluck at her home in Lee. The first quests to arrive were Tim Martin and his daughter Veronica. Tim and Niti tied the knot that year, December 14. You never know who you’ll meet at a potluck!

Directions: Heading southbound on Route 20 (Main Street) through the village of Lee, turn right where it ends at the three way intersection at the hardware store. Cross the railroad tracks. Take the first right onto St. James Street, to park your car. Then walk to its beginning, cross to West Park Street to Niti and Tim’s at 171 West Park Street. It has a big porch, directly across the street from St. James Street.

Note: Please bring a main course or dessert and label all ingredients.


Hike and Herb and Wildflower Identification on Lenox Mountain

Saturday, June 10, 2017
9:30 am

As we hike, we will identify plants and learn about their uses both historical and modern with Herbalist and  Flower expert, Naomi Alston.

We will hike for approximately 2 hours Water and bug repellent are recommended.

Come hike with fellow BKC members on this easy-moderate hike. We will again explore the beautiful BNRC property, leaving from Olivia’s Overlook

Hike begins with 5 minutes of silent walking to connect with yourself and nature.

Co-leaders Lynn Meyers and Naomi Alston
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Directions: Park at Olivia’s Outlook, accessed from Walker St. or Rt 183 in Lenox, up Richmond Mountain Road 0.4 miles, parking lot is on the left coming from Lenox.

Please email to register for hike: Those who register will be emailed if hike is cancelled due to weather.