Some of the frequently asked questions about BKC:

Where Do I Find a Monthly Schedule?

The BKC Yoga schedule can be accessed on-line at .  A schedule is e-mailed monthly to current members who have provided us with e-mail addresses.

Where Are BKC Yoga Classes Held?

All classes are held at Rhythms, Lenox Country Shops, 55 Pittsfield-Lenox Rd,  Lenox unless otherwise noted. The Saturday classe is held at Zaanti, 449 Pittsfield-Lenox Rd, Lenox.

Venue locations are also available on the Yoga Schedule on-line at by clicking on the class in question.

Are There Different Classes for Gentle, Moderate and Vigorous Yoga?

All BKC instructors are trained to offer a moderate yoga experience suitable for a variety of different levels. On occasion, a workshop will be held and geared specifically to a specific genre. More information on individual teachers and their styles can be found on the faculty page.  If you have any concerns when attending a class, it would be best to speak to the instructor before class, he/she will be happy to offer suggestions and variations to guide you through your yoga experience.

What Do I Need to Bring to Class?

Wear comfortable clothing and bring water to class. Many BKC members bring their own mats and props. However, all BKC members have access to Rhythms mats, props and blankets to guarantee a comfortable and relaxing class. There are mats, props and blankets at Zaanti for BKC members.

How Much are Class Fees?

There are two ways to pay for class. If you choose to pay in cash at each class, the class fee is $5.00. Yoga coupons are available at $36.00 for a pack of ten coupons (available on the membership and yoga coupons page). If using coupons, the class fee is one coupon per class.

How Long Are BKC Yoga Classes?

Most yoga classes are 75-90 minutes in duration, however you may wish to allow yourself an additional 5 to 10 minutes to arrive early to class to set up your yoga station and to settle into the experience. Tuesday and Thursday morning classes include an additional optional 1/2 hour meditation at the end of class. The Thursday evening class includes 15 minutes of mediation.

Can I bring a friend/relative to a BKC Yoga Class?

A guest may accompany a BKC member to a BKC yoga class four times per year. The purpose is so the person can decide if he/she wants to join BKC. He/she must pay the $5.00 yoga class fee.

How Do I Order Yoga Coupons?

Yoga coupons can be ordered on-line at (with a $1.00 Paypal order charge) or an order form, also available on line, can be mailed to: PO Box 438, Lenox , MA 01240 . Yoga coupons can be ordered in packs of ten and are good for all BKC yoga classes as well as Workshops.

How Long Are Yoga Coupons Good For?

There is no expiration date on class coupons.

What Are Workshops?

Workshops are topic-specific classes offered on various Sunday afternoons throughout the year led by Kripalu senior teachers and national presenters. These workshops are designed to broaden member’s experiential learning opportunities and acquaint members with a wide variety of yoga disciplines. Workshops are generally 90 minutes in duration and are $5.00 or one coupon unless otherwise specified.

What are the potluck dinners?

Ten months of the year BKC holds a potluck dinner at a member’s house in the area. Often there is a speaker or a topic. Potlucks are an informal way to meet other BKC members and to provide an opportunity to get better acquainted with BKC and its members.

How Will I Know About Class Cancellations?

In the event BKC has to cancel a class, a notice will be sent out immediately to all members via the group e-mail system. The on-line schedule found at will be edited to reflect the cancellation. During the winter months, if you have any questions as to whether a class will be held, please check the on-line schedule before leaving for class.

How Do I Add / Change My E-Mail Address Information to Group E-Mail?

Send your new email address to Vicky at

How Long Will it Take to Get a BKC ID Badge and/or Yoga Coupons?

Usually a week to 10 days, but can take up to two weeks. Your BKC ID badge  doubles as your name tag.

How do I Reach out to BKC Members (with an apt to rent, a workshop offered, services available)?

Send your announcement as you want it to read to Vicky at and it will be posted on the Member Page of the website.

How do I get a Replacement ID Badge?

There is a $4.00 fee for a replacement ID badge. Order on the website membership page or mail a check to BKC, P.O. Box 438, Lenox, MA 01240 requesting a replacement.

Can I get a Prorated Membership if I’m Only Here for Part of the Year?

No, prorated memberships are not available.

Who do I Contact for Additional Information?

Naomi Alson, general information
(413-243-8255) home,  (413-243-0654) cell,  (413-243-3223) business

Vicky Singer, ordering info, email questions