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BKC Community Event

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BKC Community Event


Lovely 4-5 mile loop up East Road, Reservoir Road, Dunbar, Osceola and back to East.

Sunday April 7

Leave at 10:00 AM from the corner of Swamp and East roads
(cars can park on East road)
led by Melanie Levitan and Lynn Meyers
to register, contact :
Those who register will be contacted if the hike is cancelled.

April 20

Celebrate Spring

Community Dinner

Home of Karen and Mehernosh Kahn

1292 Lenox Mountain Rd.
Richmond, MA
Phone: 413-441-2937

Contact Naomi Alson to host future dinners

413-243-0654 or



 Jenny Gadbois will be teaching an all levels Pilates
Noon-1 PM on Fridays


April 19, 2019

Jenny Gadbois

For over a decade, I have lived a life committed to wellness and to helping those who seek the same. From the earliest time I can recall, I suffered from a variety of respiratory and intestinal issues,  joint pain and inflammation, worry and anxiety. As expected, prescribed medications chased the symptoms these conditions produced. Although I have always enjoyed activity,  in ignorance I adopted the damaging  “no pain, no gain” approach to fitness. Not until my mid-thirties did I begin to question the long-term implications of my choices. I misunderstood the influence lifestyle and diet had on these seemingly chronic health issues.  Unable to find relief through established medical pathways, yet unwilling to concede defeat I decided to look elsewhere. Experience has taught me that change is possible at any age.
  • Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher
  • Club Pilates Master Teacher Trainer
  • Tom Meyers Anatomy Trains for Yoga Teachers
  • Fascia & Tissue Resilience for Manual Therapists
  • E-Cornell Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist
  • A.S. of Nutrition & Exercise Physiology


Yoga for Healthy Bones

with Regina Burgio

Every Thursday 12pm-1pm
Berkshire Yoga Dance & Fitness (Above the Beacon Cinema)

Cost: $8 cash only for BKC members

Studies have shown that yoga is one of the safest preventative measures and treatments for osteopenia, osteoporosis and low bone mass, a condition that affects half of everyone over the age of 50.

In this class you will learn ways to strengthen your bones and muscles through poses and exercises that improve posture, balance and core strength, in a safe and supportive environment. Hand weights are available to increase the challenge.

Ideal also for people of any age who are feeling the negative effects of technology on their body and mind.

Classes will also incorporate breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques to reduce tension and anxiety. Leave feeling relaxed, empowered and standing taller!

All levels and ages welcome. Chairs and props are available. As always, please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. • 413-281-3080



Michael will be gone and have class on January 4 and not again until February 22.

Gentle Yoga Class


Fridays 9-10 AM

Michael Pulitzer has very generously offered to open his regular Gentle Yoga class at Lenox Yoga (Curtis Building, 4 Main St. Lenox) to BKC members. The class is held on Fridays from 9-10 AM. Cost will be $8 cash for BKC members; please let Michael know that you are a BKC member at the beginning of class.

Description: Gentle Yoga students are shown how to find their range of effort based on instructing their mind to be gentle with their body. Together we will explore awareness, connecting to the breath, warming up the body, stretching, and gently flowing through postures with energy and ease; finishing up by calming and restoring the body and mind with appreciation, gratitude, strength, and happiness. Join Michael to have fun, build awareness, energy, and feel good for a meditation on the breath and sensation.

Michael Pulitzer is a 500-hour Kripalu professionally trained, certified yoga and meditation instructor with a certificate in Positive Psychology. He began his inquiry and yoga practice over 10 years ago while working in broadcasting.